A Close Overview of Emergency Apps

Smartphone emergency apps

Sexual harassment including molestation and attacks on women have become a common affair these days. It is a disheartening development. However, thanks to new technology a lot can be done to stay safe. Informing your family before going out alone and keeping an eye on potential threats can help to some extent. But it doesn’t ensure completely safety. Keeping that point in mind the technology enthusiasts have invented and introduced in the market a wide range of personal safety apps. They are effective and a complete security solution for controlling any kind of emergency situations. These safety apps are helping save lives and properties of people. Therefore, they are much in demand these days.

A unique feature of the emergency apps, that has made them a convenient safety tool, is that they are available right on your smart-phone. Means you can use these apps at any time and in all the places. These safety apps are like any other mobile apps however they help users in many ways during emergency situations. They allow users to call for help with just two clicks.

These Apps Track User’s Movements

The emergency apps work on GPS technology. Their job is to track user’s movements, for instance, moving back towards home from school or college, etc. They track movements for the time specified by the user. The primary function of these applications is transmitting alerts on users’ movements to their emergency contact numbers during that specific timings. Whenever the user is in a critical situation help can arrive immediately by tracking their real time GPS location. These apps are great if you frequently travel alone in late nights.

Ideal Security Tool For College Goers

These college safety apps transmit silent alerts to the intended recipient. In situations like an attack alerts are sent immediately to the student’s emergency contact numbers; however, the attacker doesn’t come to know about it. Apart from that students can also call 911 services in just a single tap. They provide an instant way of communicating incidents to the local police. The apps deliver live images and video streams of the situation to the policemen.

On top of that these apps are most economical. Installing and using these apps doesn’t incur a huge expense. In a cost effective way they ensure complete safety of the campus. Plus, they can be set up without wasting precious resources and within just a couple of weeks. Last but no the least the college safety apps are simple, easy to use and are designed for both Android and iOS based mobile phones.

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